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Basic Hotel Coupon

Basic Hotel coupon allows you to display all the basic information about your hotel, its amenities, charges, directions, logo, room booking, etc. But basic coupons does not have the feature of uploading photos or images from the hotel owners.

Enhanced Hotel Coupon

Enhanced Hotel Coupons have all the features of the Basic coupon. Plus there is the advanced feature of uploading images or pics to showcase your hotel better to customers and website visitors. Advanced coupons get preference in listing than basic coupons.

Basic Travel Coupon

Basic travel coupons has the heading, the basic info, an image and a click here to know more link.

Sponsored Travel Coupon

Sponsored Travel coupons are highlighted in a blue background, with "Sponsored Search" on top. They appear on top of any listing, and also appear on the landing page even before any package is searched for.

Travel Package

free travel

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